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Shopping Furniture Online – The Benefits and Drawbacks


With all the options available today on the internet, shopping for furniture online is overwhelming!  We all agree that being home in your pajama having a cup of coffee while browsing the internet is a benefit. The convenience is the number one reason why people shop online.


Make your interior dream reality with Cozy Home

You want a beautiful home, that inspiring room from your Pinterest board to be made a reality, but you simply have no time for a shopping tour around Dubai. First that comes in mind is the Dubai traffic with many hours that can go standing in traffic before finally getting a parking and swinging by your favorite furniture shop. Whether you’re a designer creating beautiful interiors in Dubai or a customer with long working hours – you’re busy. Keeping all this in mind we have carefully curated our site to bring you the product catalogue to design your dream home. At Cozy Home you can easily filter and search for the exact item you’re looking for. Our key element is our service: easily accessible, quality high-end furniture paired with great delivery service. You can preview the furniture collection, browse around trendy home décor or simply get inspired.


Why you should be buying from Cozy Home?

We’re not just another online store in Dubai trying to get you tempted with great pictures. We’re a physical store where you can touch and feel your item – take advantage of this service! A smartphone screen can’t accurately depict colors as well as an actual fabric or wood swatch. We curate the best and latest interior design in our showroom. Our team of designers and buyers stay ahead of trends and on-top of what’s happening in the industry to bring you the best and latest in furniture, home accessories, and furnishings. We travel the globe to find one-of-a kind exclusive pieces you won’t find anywhere else.


Try before you buy!

Once you have found your dream sofa on our website, we encourage our customers to visit our store in the Green Community, Dubai Investment Park 1. Feel the fabric before you buy. Most of the time, the material you choose online on some worldwide websites is of a bad quality. In Cozy Home our buyer team is sourcing for you good quality fabrics in Europe, following the latest trends in the furniture industry. We love seeing you visit our flagship store after you have shortlisted your favorite items on our website. While visiting our store you can test them out. You can sit in the chair or plop down on the couch. Put your feet up on the ottoman. Turn on the floor lamp and take a look at the shade. How does the chair feel? Can you picture yourself sitting in it in your home?


Finding the right Rug in Dubai

Keep in mind that seeing the rug in store can be very satisfying while finding the perfect area rug for your living room or a runner for your hallway. At Cozy Home we’re offering a big variety of handwoven rugs and runners to help you create the space you love. From Boho Chic to Maximalist styles you will find big area rugs as well as Indian durries in-store. It’s easier to choose a rug when you see it in real. You can see not only the actual color but also choose the one which is the appropriate size for your room.


If you have made the wrong purchase online or in-store, don’t worry we have an easy exchange policy. You can always exchange the item (excluded are the custom orders) or take a credit note which will be valid for 60 days. With Cozy Home you can order with confidence and without fear of what actually arrives to your doorstep. Our online presentation is matching the actual piece.

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Customize your furniture with us


Our color pallete is inspired by the unique nature of South France. Bring a little French flair to your home in Middle East. A journey into the heart of France’s most beloved region through the rich tapestry of colors that constitute the Provencal palette.

Under the bright Provencal sun, the colors of earth, stone, trees, fruits, and flowers give this region its unique character and beauty—from the deep purple of lavender fields to the radiant yellow of sunflowers, and from the bright red of vine-ripened tomatoes to the earthy blackness of fresh truffles, the essential elements of Provence are unfolded chapter by chapter and color by color.

Choose from our Provencal color palette 


From more than 50 colors! Create your furniture and explore a variety of painted finishes: Classic, Patinated and Vintage. You have all the options to match your interiors and design your home: choose the color combination for the exterior and interior of cabinets.

All our furniture is handcrafted following a traditional method. Our furniture is entirely built in hard wood coming from European forests where re-plantation is guaranteed. Our patinas are carefully created utilizing water based products that respect the environment. The patina of our furniture is given by hand through a long term process, which gives each object the unique character that will only grow with time passing.

To customize your furniture visit our showroom located in the Green Community, Dubai Investment Park 1. We’re open everyday from 10am to 8pm. Delivery time for customized furniture is between 10-14 weeks. 

By founder Aksana Demakina

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Your dining room is a truly multi-functional space – its where we eat, entertain and sometimes even work. The dining area is the perfect place for overflow storage of anything that won’t fit in your kitchen cupboards.

Decorater’s Tip: Your room should dictate the size of your table, but if often pays to think outside the box. You don’t have to buy a rectangular table simply because the room has that shape. Mixing up linear lines creates interest.

Placing a round dining table in a square dining room often results in a more pleasing outcome for the space. Round dining table creates a welcoming, friendly and comfortable room environment.


Benefits of having a round table are:

  • A round table has usually a single leg and provides you more leg room.
  • Round dining tables take less space, right option for small rooms.
  • Round’n’Round so no sharp edges, perfect for families with young children.
  • A round table is great for having a family come together or a conversation, everyone can see each other.

Benefits of a rectangular dining table:

  • Rectangular dining tables are perfect for a large gathering, it allows more than sixth people to join the table.
  • A great advantage is you can place the rectangular table against the walls without disturbing their functionality which is not possible with a round shaped table.
  • With a rectangular table you can also save space by using dinner benches that you can push under the table after dinner.

The Master piece for any dining room when it comes to display your favourite dishes – the cabinet. 


Stuart Kitchen Cabinet: A tall cabinet with a mix of drawers and glass-fronted doors. You can also share and display your special crockery and dinnerware in this cabinet, rather than hiding it behind cupboard doors. The Stuart cabinet is made of solid pinewood with oak in the middle. The storage unit is giving you plenty of space to store all your dining dishes and the drawers are perfect to store your cutlery and napkins.


Sophie Sideboard: A great addition to a narrow dining room, as it’s a slim yet functional. The Sophie sideboard features three pull out drawers to use for additional storage during a dinner party. Place your drinks tray or plate on it. Made of solid wood. Sliding doors.


Dining chair: If you’re short on space, select dining chairs that don’t have any arms, giving you the most seating space around your dining table.

 “COZY Home & Living we love to inspire you” by the founder Aksana Demakina