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Cozifications – the beauties in the interior called “Home DÉCOR”

What does the word “cozy” mean to you? When I think about cozy – it means for me cuddling up in a warm blanket on my plush cozy sofa with a cup of hot chocolate on an autumn evening. The best background music is the sound of raindrops on my windows. 

These are my cozy memories while I’m in Dubai and missing those beautiful Berlin autumn evenings.

This chapter is about these little things that add a warm feeling to our home – I call it cozifications. Those items that add dimensions to space, like rugs or shags, textiles, throws – and patterns. We can start by adding those little things and we will achieve a warm and cozy feel.

Cozifications create a home that looks loved and lived-in, which in turn creates a home that is loved and lived-in. A welcoming home for your family and friends adds personality. Those are the magic things that turn a house into a home regardless of where you live.

Throws – The mobile Decor

Throws whether made of cashmere, soft wool or cotton, throw blankets are a form of mobile decor that can travel from one room to room slung over our shoulders. As long as they’re meant to be used. They can be just draped over the arm of a sofa, they signal that a room is prepared to offer comfort.

A draped throw over the arm of the sofa is creating an unspoken invitation to cuddle up and feel warm.

Textiles warm rooms. Decorate a piece of woven fabric, like guilt, blanket, or tapestry, that you can drape over a table, lay on a bed, or use to cover the back of the sofa. And for those who own solid-color sofas which is true for most of us, draping something visually interesting over it helps to break up an otherwise bulking mass.

Candle Magic

Another cozification décor is candles. Lighting plays an essential role when it comes to creating an elegant mood. The candlelight is hypnotic and flattering. Candles mix best with dimly lit rooms. So keep all complementary lights low so that candlelight can cast its magic spell.


You’re the creator

All the home décor items mentioned in my post will help you creating your cozy nest. You can play around and try different things while styling your space. Try to mix old with new. A newly purchased rug can be overlayed on your already existing rug and it will add visual interest to your room.

Don’t be hesitant when mixing colors and patterned pillows on your sofa. You can stay in the same color palette and mix different textured and shaped cushion on your sofa – it will look dynamic and yet elegant.

The process of decoration should be always fun – if you are finding it overwhelming stop and leave the room and do something else. Look for inspiration on Pinterest or interior magazine. Or visit us we’re always happy to help to create a cozy home.

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My Berlin Home – Dining Area


In my first post I have invited you to our living room. In our happy place in berlin we don’t have much space – so I had to think around the corner to save space. The three magic words that are describing our cozy apartment are: comfy, functional and warm.

Our apartment is an open-plan, that means this room is more like a dining area of a multifunctional space.

The layout of this apartment is set on two levels. The kitchen, hall and dining area are placed on one level, the five little stairs are leading to the living area. Our dining area serves many purposes, from a place to enjoy meals with family and friends to a table which I use as my small office when I’m in Berlin.

It’s a space where we love to gather around having a cup of green tea while enjoying our long conversations. It’s more of a casual dining room than formal one.

We placed our round dining table next to the kitchen. This saves us from carrying meals through the living area – that’s very important in my case as I’m clumsy when I spill food around the rug.


While selecting a dining table I continued with the modern country style. The round solid dining table with a big column caught my eye when I saw it presented in Paris. I’m a regular visitor of the famous tradeshow Maison et object – to keep up with the newest trends and source fabulous designs for Cozy Home. The Lyon Dining Table was shown in Paris and it was love at first sight. You can find the table online and customize it. Trust me you won’t regret it. Choosing a sturdy wood will ensure a long life for your dining table.

Our dining table fits easily up to six people. The benefit of a round table is that it’s perfect for smaller spaces as it has no corners– its even more safe for small children.


Dining Chair

Another option of saving space is when it comes down to selecting the dining chair. I selected the Naomi chairs without a arm rest, that gives me more seating space around the table.

You can find the Naomi chairs at Cozy Home here


Layout and shape of your dining table: You don’t have to buy a rectangular table simply because the room is rectangular. Mixing up linear lines creates interest, so an oval-shaped dining table will provide a nice contrast. The same applies in a square dining room-placing a round dining table often results in a more pleasing outcome for the space.

I love to place a rug below a dining table. It’s more welcoming and cozy when you have a fluffy rug underneath the table. Our rug didn’t last long as we have furry babies!



A chandelier above your table is a must. The light grey wooden beads light is suiting perfectly the color palette and ads a nice atmosphere in the evening. Luckily we have a lot of natural light coming in, so we only need to use the artificial light in the evening time. I installed a dimmer to set the right mood. A dimmer allows you more control over the way the room is lit in the evening. Another option to add more lighting is to place a floor lamp or table lamp.

Next to the dining table I have placed the Lorient console. When we have guests over its an additional space for placing dishes or food items and on the other days I love to play around and decorate it according to the season with seasonal flower bouquets.


Here is a sneak pic of my Easter Decor. Decorating with your family together are the best moments to become beautiful memories. A dining table is so much more than just a table – it becomes a part of the family, so choose it with love.