• Vincent V Bookshelf
  • Vincent V Bookshelf
  • Vincent V Bookshelf

Vincent V Bookshelf

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AED 2,900

AED 2,900
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    The full furniture piece will be in one color
    (Example, The table top, and legs are the same color). The furniture will not have an antique, worn-look finish

    A finish applied to the furniture to give the appearance of age. It gives a beautiful look to the furniture.

    Select the color, the furniture will have a antique finish on the edges and on the doors.

    The furniture will have two colors (Example, A cabinet can have a grey color exterior and white color interior shelves). Antique finish look

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The Vincent bookshelf can be ordered as a freestanding unit, or in multiples to be connected and make a bigger wall bookshelf.
The colors can be customized for the interior and the exterior. 
The 6 shelves are adjustable. 

Size(L x W x H) – 79cm x 38cm x 211cm

Available in over 40 Colors by order, Delivery in 8-9 weeks.

Dimensions 79 × 38 × 211 cm
Country of Manufacture

European Union


Solid Pine Wood


Choose from 40+colors


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