Pascal 6 Drawer Cabinet

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AED 7,500

AED 7,500
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    Delivery in 12-14 weeks

    The full furniture piece will be in one color
    (Example, The table top, and legs are the same color). The furniture will not have an antique, worn-look finish

    A finish applied to the furniture to give the appearance of age. It gives a beautiful look to the furniture.

    The furniture will have two colors (Example, A cabinet can have a grey color exterior and white color interior shelves). Antique finish look

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Tall and elegant, the Pascal 6 Drawer Cabinet is a beautiful way to show off your favorite things. Deliberately simple in design, this piece is made from solid pine wood, has a crown molding on the top, paneled sides, and flat feet.

Entirely functional, exceptionally stylish, the Pascal 6 Drawer Cabinet is the perfect storage piece for your relaxed living or dining room.

Dimensions: Length: 214 cm / Depth: 50 cm / Height: 226 cm

How to customize:

The Pascal 6 Drawer Cabinet is available by order. You can personalize it by choosing the color. Your furniture will customized for you and delivered in 12-14 weeks.

When you select an antique finish, it will have a slight patina on the edges to reflect natural wear by age. The cabinet is entirely made from solid wood and does not need assembly.


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